My Favorites: Top 5 Books


I have gone through several fazes of reading throughout my life,  I used to love reading when it wasn’t me doing the work, then as I grew up I hated it and wouldn’t touch a book. Then when I grew up some more I wouldn’t stop there were days that I would read from the time I got home until two or three in the morning. But when I became an upperclassman my priorities changed and I didn’t really have time. I do hope to get back into reading though because I have definitely had some great experiences through books.

My all time favorite: Johnathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I originally read thisbook  with my dad in the third grade and though I didn’t   understand any of it, there was something about it that I just fell in love with
. Since then I have read it several more times and have been able to come up with some more concrete reasons why I love it. First it’s  got a great story of a seagull with determination, and second, every time you read it you can get something new out of it. I love that it’s so interesting to me all of the different thoughts that I’ve had because of this one book through my life.

The best of the worst: The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I love these books and I’m not afraid to say it. I know they are awful and of a subpar reading level, but that doesn’t stop me. The interesting part is that weather than  following a vampire these books follow the story of a “vampire protector.”

From my early years: Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Del. This is another book that I read with my dad in elementary school. It tells the story of a girl and her brother who get stranded on an island when their people leave, the children must learn to survive and  fend for themselves. While hoping that someone will return for them.  I don’t really know why I love this book, and honestly I haven’t read it in years, but what I can tell you is that I loved story about nature and humans using the friendly animals to help them survive. (Bonus: Julie of The Wolves: its quite similar and had nearly identical themes)

From my really early years: The Magic Garden (author unknown). I wouldn’t feel right talking about my favorite books without mentioning this one, even though its not a “real” book. I brought this sucker in for show and tell so many weeks in a row that y teachers had to tell me to stop. It’s a lovely story of a little girl who makes flowers grow4427591 everywhere she walks. This was by far my favorite book as a child.

From school: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Everyone a long list  of books they were forced to read for school and usually several of those make it on our “never read again list” but this is my favorite. Now I admit I read this book before I had to because my friends who were a grade above me wouldn’t stop talking about it.
But still it was an assigned book so I still count it as being for school. There aren’t really words to tell you what this book is about in a few sentences, just know that if you read it you are in for the
ride of your life that ends with a dark twist. I would definitely recommend this book but be warned it is very dense and not for the faint of mind.(source)

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3 thoughts on “My Favorites: Top 5 Books

  1. It’s good that you like to read. You can’t get me to read a single book if its not required by class. Personally I haven’t read a single book you listed on hear but they do sound interesting. If they make any of these into movies Ill be sure to watch them.


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