My Favorites:Apocalypse Now

One of my favorite movies that I have discovered more recently is Apocalypse Now (1979). This movie follows the basic plot of the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, which is also one of my favorites. It uses the Korean war as setting and explores the bounds of the human mind. Like Heart of Darkness, there are no good words to describe this movie because of the material that it covers. Though the plot is important it only vaguely describe what the movie is actually about. unknownAs I’ve talked about before I tend to like stories that cover more vague topics or the mind and mental capacity. This movie does exactly that.  (source)

I must admit that I watched this movie in school as part of a unit in an english class but there were plenty of rumors from the class above us about how good the movie was so we were all pretty excited to see it and to top it  off the day we watched it was the same day that teacher had surround sound speakers installed in his room so it was quite the experience.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch something that will make them think. Also a word of caution: this movie is quite violent at times and definitely covers extremely mature subject mater. When we watched this movie as a class our teacher felt inclined to warn us when there would be a graphic scene, which was defiantly appreciated by some members of the class even though we were all seniors in high school.(source) 17_apocalypse_nowOverall I love this movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone who thinks they can handle it. I find it tells a really insightful story about human nature and the capacity of the human mind.

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