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My Favorites: Music

As I have mentioned before I am a pretty big band nerd. Along with that comes some pretty varied favorite genres and because of that favorite songs. So in no particular order here is a  (long) list of some of my favorites.

  1. O Magnum Mysterium by Ivo Antognini – I love it because it is beautiful and and heart wrenchingly sad. I played a concert band version of this piece in high school and coincidentally had a pretty sad experience to go along with it.
  2. Rest by Frank Ticheli- this piece is kind of hilarious and kind of beautiful. I would say more but I don’t want to ruin it and there’s really not that much more to say about it.
  3. How Great Thou Art by Stuart Hine- this is the piece that I played as my solo in marching band my senior year. I actually don’t like this piece because I like it but because it was really special to me. I was really lucky my senior year in band because not only was I band captain but I also got to play this piece as a solo.
  4. Anything klezmer that is played by Giora Feidman

    this is so weird that its good. Klezmer music is solely associated with Judaism. It has a pretty unique and indescribable sound. Feidman is an amazing klezmer clarinetist, he has an amazing tone on his instrument and is very expressive.

  5. Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda- I’m pretty sure everyone knows of this hit rap/musical by now. Lin Manuel is quiet the lyrical genus in my opinion. When I first heard some of the songs from this musical I hated all of it, I don’t really know why but I just did. As I heard it more and more I began to know some of the rhymes and the next thing you know I was in love.
  6. Roads Untraveled by Lincoln Park- I first heard this song wile researching some marching bands last year to compare my bands scores. I was watching the show of a band that we would be competing with and it started with this song. I loved the band and the song. I mostly like it because of the marching band who used this song but none the less its a favorite.
  7. Seduce Me by Celine Dion arranged and performed by Noah Kahn

    this one is more specific than the others because I have never actually heard Celine Dion’s version of Seduce Me. This is another one of those band things. Noah Kahn was the Drum Major and soloist of Hebron high school’s marching band last year. As a 17/18 year old he not only performed but also arranged this incurable version of the song. It is one of the best musical moments that I have ever seen/heard.

  8. Jupiter by Gustav Holts- another beautiful piece by another amazing composer. Holts is incredible this piece is bold and emotional. It is a piece of music that can truly take you on an emotional journey.

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Woo Band Band

In true band kid fashion when told to “just talk” the first thing that I talk about is band. I was in band for seven years. Like I said in a previous post I play flute and piccolo. Those seven years were full of ups and downs and some of the hardest moments of my life.

Now I know that a lot of band kids like to say that they wtarpon-springs-outdoor-performance-ensembleork harder than the football team or that band in general is harder than football and were I don’t know if thats true or not there are definitely some ensembles that work pretty freaking hard. For instance Tarpon Springs Outdoor Performance Ensemble( that’s’ a fancy name for marching band.) I am constantly amazed when I watch them, even as someone who has participated in the event is incredible the show that a group of high schoolers can put on. Check this video of them wining the national completion two years ago. (source)

Now my band was not anywhere close to that good, but we did manage to pull out sixth place in class at the state completion last year. Which is pretty cool because that is the best we had ever done and it was my senior year and I was also the featured soloist and the highest level of student authority in the band. So I feel pretty proud of what we were able to accomplish last year.

Although last year was the best we did placement wise I  think almost anyone who marched in 2013 would agree that was the best and most fun year. My band did “Wonka Pure Re-Imagination” which was a Willy Wonka (Book by: Ronald Dahl, movie adaptations 1971 and 2005)  show essentially. We all had so much fun that year and we did really well only not making finals by .3 of a point. 071fc0742157759a24ff7f8949fcfcd1(source)

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