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Good Bye

So this is my last blog post… I haven’t said that I started this blog for a class that I am taking in college. As we approach the end of the semester I no longer have blog related assignment for the class and thus I will not post on this blog after this.


I enjoyed blogging and used it as a place to kind of word vomit.  Which is nice because I like to talk a lot but am pretty shy. I also really like typing which may seam pretty weird and it is but the blog was a good reason for me to type a lot. It was also a relatively easy assignment for the class that it was associated with which is honestly probably the best part of the blog.

I didn’t love the blogging experience though. It was a lot of work and isn’t something I am passionate about. Also I definitely was not putting out my best work which is something that I would want to do if I were to continue blogging for my own pleasure.

I am not creative enough to come up with a new topic every week or so. Time is also an issue. As a college student my time is already spread thin and adding the responsibility of creating new content for a blog every week is not something that I want to


take on.  Were I to continue this blog in a more personal way I would want to spend more time perfecting my writing and putting out better content which is definitely not something I have time for. That is especially true because I barely had time for the quality of material that I have been putting out.

So basically I will not be continuing this blog because I don’t have the time or creativity. I did enjoy some parts of it but overall blogging just isn’t something that I love.

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