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Book Review: Romeo and Juliet



Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
is one of the most classic tales and has been retold a thousand times in a thousand ways. The version that I will be discussing is Romeo and Juliet by Gareth Hinds. This version uses text that is similar to that of the original version by Shakespeare, but tells the story as a graphic novel.

Personally I believe that Shakespeare is better in its truest form a play with minimal staging or a video of just that. Of course it is not always possible to view Shakespearian plays in that case I believe that it is best read in its original language.

That being said I appreciate that the author of this graphic novel tried to keep the text in its original form. I also understand that when rewriting a story, especial when it is in a different form, it is difficult to keep the original text. Especially when the original text is so intricately written.


I also appreciated the changes in ethnicity of the main characters. As I have said before I am a fan of Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda. I bring this up because both chose change the ethnicities from the expected. I like this because it makes something like history or Shakespeare more accessible to people of color. This also helps to modernize the stories of Shakespeare which everyone can relate to.

In the authors note Hinds explains how he changed the story and geography and why he does this. I really appreciate that he explains his reasoning because like I said before I prefer Shakespeare in its truest form. I like that he explains why he changes things because it proves that he was trying to stay true to the story and cultural context.

Overall I like this version of Romeo and Juliet because it tries to stay true to the original text but changes things so that the story can be seen for how applicable it is to everyone.

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