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Sooooo… I live in Florida. The hottest, most humid place on the face of America. A lot of people who live in Florida have never seen snow much less gone snow skiing. (Ironically I have never been water skiing which is pretty common here in Florida.) Unfortunately for me snow skiing is my favorite sport. I love it. Its pretty easy to pick up and is a lot of fun.

When you ski you get to hurdle yourself down a mountain and feel the cold air sting your face as you stay in complete control ( at least most of the time…) That is part of the reason I love skiing, you have as much control as you give yourself. If you can only do the bunny slope in a controlled way then you can do that but you can give up your control and go down the black diamond too if you want. The other reason is just how much fun it is the snow allows you to glide perfectly over it which gets you going pretty fast. You also get to see some beautiful places. There is nothing quite like looking over Vermont while it is perfectly covered in snow.

The reason I love skiing in Vermont is the sugar coated waffles


. Yes they are exactly what they sound like. A German yeast waffle coated in molten sugar and no they are not as good as they sound they are so much better. They are  even better than that when they are the only hot thing you can get you hands on. To get a sugar coated waffle you first need to go to Ludlow, Vermont. There you will find Okemo Mountain and on the slopes of Okemo there is a little cabin that serves the waffles, and yes you can only get one by skiing to the cabin. If you manage to get one to the bottom of the mountain before you eat it they are delicious when added to Vermont’s own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. (Yes ice-cream is still good when it’s bitterly freezing outside.

Don’t get me wrong if you go skiing you will be freezing and the cold stings. But it is all so worth it in the end.



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